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The starter of Aqours, a school idol group! Is Uranohoshi Girl’s High School’s second grade, Takami Chika (。・ω・。)

Her house is a Japanese hotel, and has a lovely dog called “Shiitake”.

Her hobby is playing softball and karaoke! Her favorite food is clementine!

As an ordinary high school student, Chika was looking for something she could be keen on.

One day, she found μ's by accident, a school idol group singing in the city.

Ordinary girls seem to be so beautiful!

Chika watched them and decided to become a school idol, too. She starts finding members to start school idol club.

After making efforts, she succeed to let her best friend Watanabe You and a student from Tokyo Sakurauchi Riko join as members, and move forward to become likeμ's, their model ∩( ´∀`)∩

I will explain you the attractive points of the active Chika ♪

First, she is honest.

After watching and be moved byμ's, Chika goes on to become a school idol. Even when Kurosawa Dia, the president of students, said no to her acticity, she didn’t change her mind.

Like in the lyrics of μ's “Don’t give up, the day will come”, she does her best to have members, practice dancing and writing lyrics very hard and every day.

You and Riko even say that “She is in love with being school idol”!!!

Watching her making effort to attain the goal, you will cheer her up for sure o(*^▽^*)o

“I hate stopping on the way. I will do my best!!” I long for her.

Second, she is strong enough to pull every body.

The school idol club started by one person, but encouraged by Chika, its member increase gradually.

In the animation, Riko has a problem with piano, which is her specialty, and not eager to join school idol club. But, Chika encourages her.

“If I can help Riko, I will be happy. Because school idol’s job is to make people happy. ”

I was so moved by Chika…

Her reason to become school idol is not only to concentrate on something, but also to make people happy. As she has this pure feeling, Chika can make people move.

Chika has the power to make people move, and she is the best person to be a “school idol”.

The activities of Aqours has just begun!! What will happen from right now? I am looking forward to it (o(。.д.。)o)

Let’s cheer up Aqours and Chika together ♪

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