Love Live! Sunshine!! (ラブライブ! サンシャイン!!)

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In a small high school besides a sea, 2nd grade Takami Chika and other 8 girls stand up to make their dream come true.

Their dream is to become brilliant “school idol”!

Love Live! Sunshine!! Is a “school idol” animation whose world is the same as the popular animation Love Live!

School idols are student idols composed by high school students. They are not TV personality, nor singers but ordinary students. They are a team which appeals their school or home town through songs and dances! Don’t make fool of them for being students! School idols’ performance empowers people, and μ's from the previous series was so popular to give a live at NY for a foreign TV station!

After μ's activity…Takami Chika, a student in rural area, was moved to see μ's live performance at Akihabara, and decided to launch school idol, Aqours!

2nd grade: Takami Chika is the leader, forward looking and active but reckless
2nd grade: Watanabe You is Chika’s best friend, takes care of every body and good at sports
2nd grade: Sakurauchi Riko is from μ's school, Otonokizaka high school, and good at composing

1st grade: Tsushima Yoshiko calls herself fallen angel Yohane
1st grade: Kurosawa Ruby is very shy but cute
1st grade: Kunikida Hanamaru is the youngest but sturdy and member of chapel

3rd grade: Matsuura Kanan has a nice proportion and good at diving
3rd grade: Kurosawa Dia is the president of students and loves μ's
3rd grade: Ohara Mari has blond semi-long hair, and daughter of a rich man

Those 9 are members of Aqours and do their activities as school idols!

μ's members are unique, but Aqours’ members are unique, too!

The heroin Takami Chika-chan is forward looking, active, and always “tries before thinking!”, and with her best friend Watanabe You-chan, she launches Aqours! Sakurauchi Riko-chan, another girl who takes care of every one came from another school. Maybe you thought she will stop Chika-chan… but Riko-chan, unlike her severe appearance, is scatterbrain and cute!

The three 1st grade students are all unique and different! Tsushima Yoshiko-chan considers her unluckiness that “the God gave up on me because she is a fallen angel”, and calls herself “fallen angel”! Small and cute Kurosawa Ruby-chan is shy! She always hides not to be noticed by many people, or when people touch her too much, she run away screaming! Kunikida Hanamaru-chan will gather those two… no, things are not as simple as it. She loves reading! She is too surefooted and on her own. 1st grade students are all unique…

Then, how about 3rd grade students…? They are even more unique than 1st grade students! Kurosawa Dia, the president of students respects the common sense… you may think, but she loves μ's! Her knowledge about μ's is more than Chika-chan of course, and even more than us who watches TV…! (I didn’t understand the last question… Did you find it?) Her classmate, Ohara Mari, has a Italian American father and a Japanese mother, and very rich, also, (It will reveal some hints of 3rd story) she has a strong power. She gets to the beach on a helicopter, and rides horses unlike usual Japanese people. Matsuura Kanan-chan, along with those two and Chika-chan… I am eager to see her back to school! I want to be healed by her mood and atmosphere!

Aqours is sooo unique and has the same will as μ's! How will they do their activities!? Keep your eyes on them!

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